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I'm Catherine Sargent and I work with academic and biotech clients who need bioinformatics expertise to get the most out of their data. I am a highly motivated bioinformatician with more than 15 years experience of working in UK and German academic research institutes such as the University of Cambridge, the Max Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics and the Max Delbrück Center for Molecular Medicine. In 2020, I made the transition to working as a freelance bioinformatics consultant. Since then, I have supported a variety of academic and biotech clients across the world in analysing their biological data, empowering them to derive meaningful insights and drive their research forward. Many of my clients have been via The Bioinformatics CRO, for whom I work as a consultant. 

I have a comprehensive understanding of biological data encompassing structural bioinformatics, genomics, transcriptomics and systems biology. Evidence of my results-orientated research is given by my strong publication record; ten first-author and more than 25 co-author publications in peer-reviewed journals including Nature, Science, Cell, PNAS and Nature Genetics.



University of Cambridge

PhD, Computational Biology (Prof. Sir Tom Blundell)

Developed a program and web server (SDM) for predicting protein damaging mutations in order to better understand the molecular mechanisms underlying protein malfunction and disease. As of November 2022, the manuscript detailing the server has been cited more than 450 times. 


University of Manchester

MSc Bioinformatics

Project: Development of a database for classification of small molecular protein binding in the Protein

Data Bank (Molecular Design Group, Inpharmatica, London)


University of Birmingham

BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences​

Project: Extending the linkage map of Arabidopsis thalian using micro-satellite markers.

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